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GBWhatsApp iOS : Smartphones have become the next big thing today. Because of smartphones, people are fading away from using trivial computing devices like desktops, laptops and mobile phones because smartphones are so complete in themselves. Smartphones come loaded with tons of great features along with a well-to-do hardware set-up that makes most of the apps on it run flawlessly and with great ease. Today, hardly do people use computers and laptops for video calling, writing or reading emails or even listening to music or watching movies. In fact, most of the easy to do activities are easily performed with the help of smartphones and tablets without an itch or any kind.

Smartphones and tablets come laden with some great hardware configuration along with splendid features. The camera on the iPhones and the Galaxy Note devices is regarded as a trend setting, benchmarking camera that one can find on a portable device as small as a smartphone. Tablets not only have a larger display, but using them for reading or watching movies is a great experience. Tablets come with some great screen resolution and adding on to that, splendid sound quality. The IPS (In-plane Switching Panel) panel that most of the TFT-LCDs of smartphones and tablets come loaded with are regarded as one of the best displays on any portable media device.

GBWhatsApp Introduction

People have stopped buying newspapers and also cable connections because of smartphones and tablets. Almost everybody has a great internet connection today. In Asian countries, 4G LTE services have spread like wildfire and countries like India and Sri Lanka are enjoying fast internet on their mobile devices and computers for very nominal rates. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like Reliance Jio and Airtel are ruling the telecom world (in India) and people are getting a great internet experience at very low rates. Because of that, the smartphone industry has nurtured and spread swiftly along the Asian continent and especially in countries like – India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Life without smartphones is unimaginable. Smartphones are no longer regarded as a luxury item, but slowly it has become a necessity. There are so many benefits of having a smartphone or a tablet today. Since both of them are highly compact and portable, it is very easy to carry them around, unlike laptops and desktops, where the former gets quite hefty at times to be carried around, while the latter is made solely for the computer table. Because of that, the smartphone market has seen a rise in the sales of smartphones and tablets because of them being so portable. Because of the portable nature of smartphones and tablets, more and more people are buying them and in turn, the telecom department is also flourishing transitively.

As most of the smartphone users will know, WhatsApp messenger was launched back in 2009 and it took no time in taking the smartphone world by storm. When it was launched, the concept behind instant messengers was still raw. Not many people had the idea about instant messengers back then. Only those elite people who could afford iPhones knew the term instant messaging because not many people had internet access back then and they relied only on the trivial methods of communicating, like calling and texting. BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad users have been well informed about instant messaging because of BBM and iMessenger. But when WhatsApp was launched, it paved way for an entirely new generation of instant messaging.

Whatsapp Messenger was launched on iOS in 2009 as an alternate to Telegram and some other instant messengers of the time. It was liked by so many people that today at least one out of five people have surely heard the name – WhatsApp Messenger. But even WhatsApp had some flaws in it and because of that a modding community started working day and night to make it better, and sometime later they came up with GBWhatsApp, yet another revolutionary product, but this time, it was created by a group of highly skilled individuals.

Those of you who wish to use GBWhatsApp on your iOS powered devices, you can download and install the IPA file for GBWhatsApp online for free.

About GBWhatsApp-

As mentioned earlier, GBWhatsApp is a modification to the everlasting WhatsApp messenger, that was launched a few years after the release of WhatsApp messenger. It is entirely based on WhatsApp messenger and was developed by a group of highly skilled WhatsApp community members who were into modding. After its released, another community started to rise that was based on GBWhatsApp and all the happenings and updates for GBWhatsApp. Since gbwhatspp is laden with tons of great features, it easily surpasses its parent by miles. Although WhatsApp messenger is regarded as a great instant messaging app, but there are some minute flaws that it has and that provoked the creators of GBWhatsApp to develop it, and after hours and hours of work, GBWhatsApp was born for the Android, iOS and Windows ecosystem.

As mentioned earlier, GBWhatsApp is an instant messaging service that is based on the stock-WhatsApp messenger and is available for free download. Since it is powered by a modding community, getting help and updates is easier. You can put in all your queries through a forum and members of the community will respond to you in no time. Thus, it is one of the many reasons why using GBWhatsApp is so good. With GBWhatsApp, you can send secured instant messages, make voice and video calls at high quality (for absolutely free), send photos, videos and audio files along with documents (DOC files and PDF files) with just a touch.

Using GBWhatsApp on iOS devices is a great experience because the app is well customized for Apple devices. Since Apple provides best in-class display and hardware for iPhone and iPad, using GBWhatsApp on both of these devices is great and a fun experience. So download (for free) and install the IPA file for GBWhatsApp today and start using the WhatsApp of your dreams that is not only faster, but is also full of loads of great features.

Features of GBWhatsApp Download-

Around 80-90 percent of the features of GBWhatsApp are similar to the ones of tradition WhatsApp messenger. It is very similar in terms of features and usability to its parent, i.e. WhatsApp messenger. Since GBWhatsApp is a highly modded version of WhatsApp messenger, you can do a lot of modifications like adding themes, changing the notification lights, changing the chat bubbles and even changing the wallpaper. As per the official stats, GBWhatsApp has been downloaded more than 20 million times on iOS devices alone. It even boasts of a daily user count of over 2 million and it clearly shows that there are a lot of people out there who use GBWhatsApp. Adding to that, not only is GBWhatsApp free from bugs and viruses, it is also free from malicious content and other errors that are predominant on other apps.

It does not matter whether you have a fast internet connection or not, because GBWhatsApp iOS makes the best use of the available internet speed and in turn, it provides you with a great instant messaging experience. That said, here are some of the key features of GBWhatsApp-

  • GBWhatsApp is based on the stock WhatsApp messenger and because of that you will barely feel that you are using any other modified app other than WhatsApp. Because of that, it is very to use and to run. Installation of GBWhatsApp is very easy to be carried and the in-depth installation guide will follow after the features. GBWhatsApp is absolutely free of cost and it is also free from micro-transactions. So, you can enjoy your WhatsApp experience with GBWhatsApp without entering your bank or credit card details. Since it is based on an online community, getting updates and help is very easy. All you need is a few clicks here and there and you are good to go.
  • The app is small in size, yet it is big in its attire. Downloading GBWhatsApp is a very easy task to perform and after that, installing it on your iOS device is very easy as well. Making high quality video calls and voice calls is a very common (yet effective) feature of GBWhatsApp. Apart from that, you can send and receive messages, photos, audio messages, documents and even videos using GBWhatsApp. The size and limit of media sharing via GBWhatsApp has been tremendously increased. For WhatsApp messenger, you can only send 10 photos at a time, but with GBWhatsApp, that limit has been raised to 100. Videos up to 1080p can be shared as long as they do not exceed the 60 MB size limit.
  • There is a Do Not Disturb (or DND) mode available on GBWhatsApp with the help of which you will be shown offline to all your contacts who use WhatsApp since the internet service to GBWhatsApp will be cut off. Now, you can enjoy watching your favourite video or listen to your favourite song without worrying about an incoming WhatsApp message or call. It can be easily disabled with just a tap. You can also set the refresh rate of your GBWhatsApp that will make it refresh itself in the specified amount of time. All the notifications and the messages will be sent to your device only when GBWhatsApp will get refreshed.
  • Using GBWhatsApp is easy, and you can broadcast messages, create groups, block people and even reply to multiple messages all at once. With GBWhatsApp, you can view multiple messages all at once and even reply to all those messages individually from your device’s home screen. WhatsApp Web makes a return to GBWhatsApp and you can safely and securely use WhatsApp Web with the help of GBWhatsApp.
  • Just like WhatsApp, you can add to your WhatsApp stories using GBWhatsApp as well. Just like WhatsApp, these stories vanish after 24 hours. It is very secure and easy to use. You can adjust your privacy settings for your Story, Status and Last Seen. With GBWhatsApp, your privacy options are flexible for each and every contact of yours. With that, you may be ‘online’ for one contact, while ‘offline’ for another. It is a great way to ward off unwanted people from your WhatsApp.
  • There are a lot of customization options available for GBWhatsApp. You can apply and change themes, change foreground and background colours, and even change the appearance of your interface. You can make the interface look like the classic WhatsApp interface using GBWhatsApp. Customizing the chat bubbles is also possible using GBWhatsApp.
  • GBWhatsApp is free from malicious content like viruses and other malwares. The community is strong and it is safe to say that you can download it today in order to be a part of the best community in the world. The app has received positive reviews everywhere and it is also one of the many reasons why GBWhatsApp is so popular today. Those of you who wish to give it a shot, you can download GBWhatsApp IPA file online for iOS for free.

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp on iOS-

First of all, you are supposed to download the IPA file for GBWhatsApp. IPA is a file format that is supported by iOS powered devices. It is an executable file format that runs only on iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. Once you have downloaded it, it will get saved on a secure location on your Apple device. After that, do the following steps-

  • Go to General Settings on your iPhone or iPad > Go to Date and Time Settings > Change the date to January 1, 2014.
  • After that look for the downloaded IPA file for GBWhatsApp and tap on it. You will receive a message stating whether the following app should be trusted or not.
  • Simply tap the ‘Trust’ option and then tap the install option. The installation will commence after that.
  • After that, all you have to do is to simply run the app from the app tray.

Download – GBWhatsApp Messenger for Android/iOS/PC Free

GBWhatsApp Download

download gbwhatsapp

Version 6.25
App Size 34.9 MB
Root Required No
Category WA Mods
Developer GBMODS
Required Android 4.0 +
Downloads 6,000,000 +
Main Task Extra Features
Last Updated 17 Feb, 2018

Download GBWhatsApp Here