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Since the turn of the 21st century, the technology has seen a tremendous rise. It was a time when people were done with the use of more trivial methods of writing letters and using telegram services, and they wanted a change. Typewriters were slowly becoming obsolete, and personal computers had started to establish themselves in the computer tables. It was a time of renaissance and technology had started to take over the traditional business. There were mobile phones, telegram and landline services were fading away, and people had resorted to using modern technology more than ever. With the launch of modern day alternatives to primitive pieces of tech, more and more people were lulled towards using these modern marvels. GBWhatsApp is one such modern day marvel that lets you connect to your friends easily. Download GBWhatsApp APK file for Android, PCs and laptops today.

GB WhatsApp Download

With the release of iPhone and Android smartphones (around 2007/2008), the concept of using mobile phones (or smart feature phones) started to fade away. People wanted a change and with the introduction of smartphones, the change was warmly accepted and widely appreciated. Unlike the average candy-bar styled phones that sported a 2” TFT screen along with buttons, this new generation of mobile phones came with a bigger screen that was not resistive, but was capacitive. Apart from that, there was a better hardware and more storage space available. Moreover, there was a well-to-do operating system that could manage computer-grade tasks (most of them) and because of that, smartphones and tablets slowly and eventually took over the mobile phones.

Smartphones can carry out most of the common computing tasks today. We can write emails, send videos, watch movies, play games and even listen to songs using smartphones and tablets. Because of smartphones, there is an ongoing technology revolution and there are hundreds of apps that get released on a daily basis for these smartphones and tablets. Because of the fact that these apps are quite light weight, they are easy to design and to develop. Thus, this is how many of the latest and the trending mobile apps have come to the market and are being used today. Today, another growing trend in technology is instant messaging and social media. There are over ten thousand apps that belong to the aforementioned category, and it is practically impossible to imagine our lives without social media. One such widely used social media platform is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a name that is familiar to almost everybody who uses a smartphone. With such a secure and easy to use interface, WhatsApp is probably the best instant messenger out there. It surpasses plenty of other instant messengers like Hike and Telegram in order to provide a 100% bloatware free experience along with high level of security with chat encryption. But there are some corners and rounded edges where WhatsApp falls short of some features. What to do then? Well, fear not, because all those gaps are filled thoroughly with the help of GBWhatsApp. Those of you who wish to know more about GBWhatsApp, they can download APK file for GBWhatsApp online for free.

About GBWhatsApp-

Just like its parent app, GBWhatsApp too is like WhatsApp in terms of usability. It is an instant messaging app that is based on WhatsApp messenger, but unlike the latter, it has been community developed. That is, GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp messenger that has been designed and modded by skilful members of the WhatsApp community. Because of that, all the problems that one usually faces (or faced) with WhatsApp have been severely dealt with here and the app has been made available for free download online. You can download the APK file for GBWhatsApp online for free. GBWhatsApp is similar to WhatsApp in almost every aspect, but it is regarded as a more confined and better alternative to WhatsApp messenger. Because of this, more and more people are using GBWhatsApp instead of WhatsApp messenger.

GBWhatsApp is just like WhatsApp, but it surpasses the latter in many aspects. It is not at all owned by WhatsApp Inc. or Facebook, that is why you will not find the APK file for GBWhatsApp on Play Store. Instead, you will have to manually download and install the APK file on your device if you wish to use GBWhatsApp on your PC or laptop. All of the great and popular features that were found on WhatsApp have been retained in GBWhatsApp. Moreover, the app is now more secure than ever. Because of all this and because of some other great features, GBWhatsApp has become the most widely used community developed app of all time.

You can send videos, audio, images and documents using GBWhatsApp. You can also make high quality voice and video calls using GBWhatsApp. Apart from that, the end to end chat encryption makes a return here as well. With the end to end encryption, the chats becoming safe and more secure than before. No wonder there are so many advantages of GBWhatsApp over other instant messengers out there like security, features and accessibility.

In order to find out more about GBWhatsApp, you can download the APK file for GBWhatsApp online for free.

Features of GBWhatsApp-

GBWhatsApp is pretty much similar to WhatsApp in terms of features and quirks. A normal WhatsApp user will not be able to notice much difference between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp at first, but it is when we go in-depth into GBWhatsApp that we realize that it is way more than an average WhatsApp messenger. Because of so many features that it boasts of, GBWhatsApp can easily put any other instant messenger to shame. However funny it may sound but GBWhatsApp even beats original WhatsApp messenger by miles. As per the official claims put forward online, GBWhatsApp has been downloaded around 10-20 million times on Android. The average per-day user count for GBWhatsApp is somewhere between 1-2 million. To make it sound even better, GBWhatsApp (unlike other free to use apps and games) is absolutely free from malicious content and viruses. It does not matter whether you have a super-fast internet access or a very slow, 2G-like internet connection, GBWhatsApp will work just fine. All you have to do is to download and install the APK file for GBWhatsApp and you are good to go.

Here are some of the features of GBWhatsApp that make this instant messaging app so popular and fun to use.

  • GBWhatsApp feels just like you are using the stock WhatsApp, but a custom theme applied on it. Just like WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp too is fun and easy to use. Just like WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp is also free of cost and downloading and installing GBWhatsApp is very easy. Although there are a few (10-20%) alterations done here, one will not notice many changes while using GBWhatsApp. Just like on Android, installation of GBWhatsApp is very easy on Windows PCs and laptops as well. Anyway, GBWhatsApp is a great app that works just like WhatsApp messenger, and is secure like just like WhatsApp.
  • GBWhatsApp is free from micro-transactions. There is no need to enter your credit card or debit card credentials in order to enjoy using GBWhatsApp on your device. Just like WhatsApp messenger, GBWhatsApp too is small in size and is easy to use. As mentioned earlier, making high quality voice and video calls, sending photos, videos and audio recordings are some of the easy and fun to do tasks with GBWhatsApp. Just like WhatsApp, you can also send files, emojis and documents with GBWhatsApp. In order to find out more about GBWhatsApp, download GBWhatsApp APK for free today.
  • There is an all new DND feature included in GBWhatsApp with the help of which you can safely surf the internet, listen to music or watch videos online without receiving any notifications from GBWhatsApp. DND mode stops all internet services for your GBWhatsApp and it makes you go offline for the GBWhatsApp servers. Thus, other people will think that you are offline even when your internet is on. It is a great way to ward off unwanted people and to reply to unwanted messages.
  • Making high quality video and voice calls is yet another of the many great features of GBWhatsApp. You can make these calls either with those people who use GBWhatsApp or with those people who use WhatsApp. A GBWhatsApp account is similar to a WhatsApp account (since it uses the same synching technique that is used for WhatsApp). As mentioned earlier, GBWhatsApp is simply a modded version of WhatsApp messenger and so all the cool features of WhatsApp retain on GBWhatsApp.
  • You can read and respond to multiple messages all at once using GBWhatsApp. Such a feature was never found on WhatsApp, and so it is a big step-up. In conventional WhatsApp messenger, you are supposed to compose individual messages for each of your contacts. In WhatsApp, you are supposed to view one message at a time. But here, with the help of GBWhatsApp, you can view and even respond to multiple messages all at once. You can also make groups, broadcast messages and even block people using GBWhatsApp. Also, the famous ‘stories’ make a comeback with GBWhatsApp. You can create stories (and status) that eventually disappear after 24 hours.
  • Making high quality voice and video calls is yet another of the many great features of GBWhatsApp. Not only is the video and voice call highly secure, but is also encrypted in order to provide that security edge over other voice and video calling apps out there. All these calls that can be made with the help of GBWhatsApp are absolutely free of cost and also of high quality. It does not matter whether you have a high speed internet access or not, GBWhatsApp makes sure that you get the best possible WhatsApp experience as per your internet speed.
  • GBWhatsApp PC comes loaded with flexible privacy settings option. With the help of that you can appear online to one user, while offline to another. This is a really great way to make room for people whom you wish to talk to and those who you want to avoid. Apart from that, you can also use two different mobile numbers with GBWhatsApp. So, because of that, you have two WhatsApp accounts all for and with one single GBWhatsApp app. No need to carry an extra mobile phone now.
  • There are lakhs of customizations available for GBWhatsApp. You can change themes, change the background colour, and even change the look of your interface.
  • It is 100% free from malicious content, like viruses, Trojans and other malwares or spywares. The app is completely safe to download and to use on all the devices. GBWhatsApp is a secure and reliable app that runs smoothly on every device. The app is steady on updates and because of that, you need not worry much. All you have to do is to download and install the APK file for GBWhatsApp on your device and register your mobile number with it and you are free to use GBWhatsApp.

How to Install GBWhatsApp on PC & Laptops?

  • Download GBWhatsApp APK file online for free on your device and save it onto a secure and safe location.
  • After that, download an Android emulator for Windows (preferably BlueStacks). After BlueStacks gets downloaded, install it.

BlueStacks is an Android emulator for Windows that allows users to install and run all the Android based applications and games on Windows.

  • After that, open BlueStacks and go to file and click on open. Search for the downloaded GBWhatsApp.APK file and click on open. After it gets open, the installation will commence.
  • You can run GBWhatsApp using BlueStacks once the app gets installed.


  • Instead of searching for GBWhatsApp.APK file manually, you can simply drag and drop the downloaded APK file from its location straight to BlueStacks’ home screen. The installation will commence after that as well and you will be able to run GBWhatsApp after that as well.
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