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GBWhatsapp APK : The trend of using trivial mobile phones has faded away. Today, owning a candy bar type mobile phone is not at all considered cool at it was ten years ago. Companies like Nokia, BlackBerry and Samsung flourished a lot during that phase and because of that, they were responsible for setting a benchmark in the mobile phone world. The classic polyphonic Nokia ringtone was regarded as an upper class thing and only classy people used to own such big devices. Not only were those mobile phones sturdy, but were also long lasting, they had a splendid battery life and the battery on some of the Nokia devices could last up to 30 days! Thus, the time up to 2007 was a like a golden age for the mobile phone companies.

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By the beginning of 2007, a new concept started to reach the mobile phone market and eventually, to the average consumers. It was such a unique concept that took the entire industry by storm and people started to go gaga over it. Yes, the smartphone was coming to reality. By 2008, both Apple and Google had come up with the first ever smartphone designed especially for the average consumer and it was a revolutionary change that was brought to the market. Thus, it marked a beginning to a chain reaction in the world of mobile phones and slowly smartphone became the big thing.

Using a smartphone without the internet is unimaginable. Unlike trivial mobile phones, that may or may not require an internet connection, smartphones should be connected to the internet at all times and due to that only they have so many ravishing features that keep the users entertained and well-informed about the worldly happenings. Because of smartphones, the trend of using computers for many of the computing related tasks is also fading away. You can write emails, send and receive payments, write documents, click and edit photos, stay connected to the social media, read news and what not! There are thousands of activities that can be performed with the help of smartphones.

One such app that almost everybody who owns a smartphone uses is WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger was launched quite a while ago, and since then the number of users keep of rising. As per its parent company’s (Facebook) official stats, every day, every second in the world, at least 1000 people are using WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become a big thing today for the smartphone user. Because of WhatsApp, people can stay connected to each other with just a touch. Since its release in 2009, WhatsApp broke all records and today, it is regarded as the best instant messaging app on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

But there are some features that one will not find on WhatsApp, and in order to fix that, a modding community for WhatsApp, came up with GBWhatsApp, an equally great instant messaging app that is based on WhatsApp and loved by millions of smartphone users. In order to get a feel of GBWhatsApp, download GBWhatsApp APK file for Android online today (for free)!

About GBWhatsApp APK-


GBWhatsApp APK is an instant messaging app that is based on WhatsApp, but has been developed by a group of highly skilled individuals with great coding skills and understanding of how apps on smartphones work. Such coders set up a community where the apps that are designed for smartphones are broken and cross examined for flaws and other issues, and without any help of the developers, these people redesign the same apps into something even more creative and fancy, and this is exactly how Download GBWhatsApp was born.

Those of you who have no idea what GBWhatsApp is, it is an instant messaging service analogous to WhatsApp, but is only half owned (and maintained) by WhatsApp, while the rest of it is maintained by an Android community responsible for modding it. Not only is this community of great help, but it is also very responsive and as most of us already know, modding communities have always been of great help to the users.

An average person spends around 5-6 hours (on average), on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has got some great features that include end-to-end chat encryption, free video and audio calls, sending audio, videos and documents and many more. Adding to some more features like this, WhatsApp is a highly used and greatly loved app and the number of users it boasts of, keep on rising by thousands every passing hour. WhatsApp may be a great app, but even it falls short in many places, and in order to cope up with that, GBWhatsApp was designed by the modding community and since its release, it has taken the smartphone community by storm.

Moreover, if you are using an Android device (like smartphones and tablets), you will have a great experience in using GBWhatsApp since the app has specifically been designed on Android for Android. Thus, you should download GBWhatsApp APK today for free for a great instant messaging experience.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK-

GBWhatsApp is very similar to WhatsApp in terms of its features. Around 90% of the features on GBWhatsApp are similar to the ones found on WhatsApp. Be it the usability, the performance or even the features it provides, GBWhatsApp can easily outshine any other popular instant messenger out there. It is because of the thorough features that GBWhatsApp has, that it has become so popular. As per official claims, GBWhatsApp has been downloaded more than 20 million times till date and it even has a daily user count of over 2 million. With such great stats, it is quite safe to say that GBWhatsApp is not just a great and highly useful app, but it is also free from malicious content like viruses, bugs and malwares.

Also, it does not matter whether you have a slow internet connection or a blazingly fast fibre connection, because GBWhatsApp makes the best use of the available internet connection to provide you with the best possible speed that enhances your internet experience. That mentioned, here are some of the features that you will find in GBWhatsApp-

  • You will not even feel like you are using anything other than WhatsApp since GBWhatsApp is based on WhatsApp. It is very easy to use and to work on. Also, the best thing about it is that it is completely free of cost. It will provide you with a stock WhatsApp experience with a few (and minute) tweaks here and there. So, if you enjoy using WhatsApp, you will have even more fun in using GBWhatsApp APK Download. With GBWhatsApp APK, you will get a stock-WhatsApp experience and you will barely free like you are using any other instant messenger other than WhatsApp.
  • Just like its parent, GBWhatsApp too is a small sized app that not only gets download easily, but even the installation is very simple and easy to carry out. Just like WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp too is free from micro-transactions. You can do a lot of things with GBWhatsApp like making audio and video calls, sending and receiving texts, sending thousands of emojis and emoticons, sending documents or files, and enjoying high level end to end chat encryption that will enhance your messaging security. So download GBWhatsApp APK today (for free) for you Android devices and enjoy great instant messaging experience.
  • With the all new DND (Do Not Disturb) feature included in GBWhatsApp APK, you can safely surf the internet or watch videos on YouTube without receiving any notifications or nudges from your friends who use WhatsApp. What DND mode does is that it stops all internet services for your GBWhatsApp Download and because of that and it creates an illusion for the public that you are offline. Thus, it is a great way to procrastinate without having to worry about incoming messages or calls from WhatsApp. Download GBWhatsApp today and get to experience more of these great features today.
  • With GBWhatsApp, you can easily make video and voice calls with the friends or family members who use or do not use GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp works just like WhatsApp does and all the contacts get synched with your WhatsApp account. Just like that, they will be able to talk to you normally using WhatsApp just like you will be able to talk to them using GBWhatsApp. Thus, GBWhatsApp is more or less like a modified version of WhatsApp with a tad bit more features that are great and notable. Because of all that, GBWhatsApp APK is gaining popularity at a steady rate and more and more people are using it.
  • Unlike WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp has an all new feature that allows you to read multiple messages all at once and also you will be able to reply to all these messages consecutively at a single time. Creating groups, broadcasting messages and replying to messages is a lot easier with GBWhatsApp. You can block or unblock people, mute notifications from unwanted contacts and groups and even broadcast messages to all your contacts all at once, easily. Also, just like WhatsApp, you will find WhatsApp Web here as well.
  • The voice calling and the video calling features are also available on GBWhatsApp APK. GBWhatsApp APK does not charge even a single penny from its users for making these calls. These calls can be local or international, as long as you have an active internet connection, you need not worry. Both the voice and the video quality is great and secure just like the text messaging. It is also encrypted with end to end encryption and that makes sure that all your voice and video are not misused or tracked.
  • You have the option of refreshing your WhatsApp here. That means, whenever a message arrives, you will be notified only when you would like to be notified. Unlike WhatsApp, that sends in a notification every time you receive a message, with GBWhatsApp you have that notification control in your hands. You can set it to time periods of ten minutes, twenty minutes, one hour or even six hours using GBWhatsApp. Thus, you will not be disturbed from unwanted messages at uneven times with the help of GBWhatsApp APK, so download GBWhatsApp APK for Android for free.
  • In WhatsApp, you can adjust your privacy settings for your Status, Story and Last Seen, but here it is even more unique than that. With GBWhatsApp, your privacy options are flexible for each and every contact of yours. With that, you may be ‘online’ for one contact, while ‘offline’ for another. It is a great way to ward off unwanted people from your WhatsApp.
  • There are tons of customizations available for GBWhatsApp. Here, you can apply and change themes, change background and foreground colours, and even change the way your interface looks like. You can make the interface resemble the classic WhatsApp interface, or even the iMessage interface or Hike interface. You can also select the chat bubbles from a variety of many options available for GBWhatsApp.
  • It is completely free from malicious content, like viruses, worms and other malwares or spywares. With the app’s growing fraternity, it is safe to say that you can download it today in order to be a part of the best community in the world right now. People who have used GBWhatsApp before, they have rated it 4.8 out of 5 and this makes it the most liked modded app for any device today. Download GBWhatsApp APK for free today and be a part of the forever growing community for Android.

How to Install GBWhatsApp APK-

Once you have downloaded the GBWhatsApp APK file online, you can install it quite easily with the help of the following easy steps-

  • Download the APK file for GBWhatsApp APK for free online and save it securely on your device.
  • On your device, open Settings and go to Security Settings.
  • In Security Settings, just enable Installation from Unknown Sources.
  • After that, using a file manager (you can download one if your device does not have it pre-installed) look for the APK file for GBWhatsApp and tap on it.
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